Monday, May 30, 2016

H Upmann Cedar Aged Cameroon Robusto

This little gem was given to me several months ago and has been sitting in my humidor waiting to be selected as my smoke of the day. Yesterday afternoon was its day!

As you would expect, Upmann always provides a quality cigar. You've got to love the presentation of the gold end band, cedar sleeve and additional cigar band that slides off with the sleeve. The Cameroon wrapper (not generally my favorite) has a nice mild flavor and does not detract from the overall pleasure of this cigar.

This was a very nice mild smoke with a steady and even burn. I sensed more of a wood or nut flavor early, but that seemed to give way to a kind of leathery, earthy flavor at about a quarter of the way through. The mild leathery taste lasted to the very end and the draw remained cool and even throughout.

Thompson Cigar carries this at just under a C-note for a box of 20. That puts it at a good price but a little more than what I spend on a daily smoke. It is definitely one to keep in mind when I'm in the mood for a bit of an upgrade, though!


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