Saturday, February 6, 2016

Davidoff Winston Churchill Toro

When I retired at the end of January 2015, one of my (former) coworkers presented me with a gift of a few Davidoff cigars. As you can imagine, I was very pleased!

To celebrate my one year retirement anniversary, I decided to enjoy another fine Davidoff cigar and headed to the local cigar store to make a selection. This was my choice:

I wish that I had written a review of the other Davidoffs from last year. The only thing I remember about them is thinking, "This is a cigar!"
And the same is true of the Winston Churchill Toro.

Its darker Connecticut wrap gives this a medium taste with a little bit of piney or cedar taste as well as bit of earthiness. It burns cool and long and is truly a fine cigar. Because I am in the habit of regularly smoking decent cigars and not really fine cigars, I really savor the moments with these exceptional smokes.

I wish my cigar budget allowed for more of them!


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Romeo y Julieta 1875 Reserva Real

I was able to enjoy this little gem on the beach in Cancun!

Oh my. It was a very relaxing day and a fine place to enjoy this little Dominican cigar.
This was a part of the Rocky vs Romeo sampler from Thompson Cigar Co. While I have enjoyed both the Rocky Patel and Romeo y Julieta cigars, so far I am going give the edge to the Romeo y Julietas.

This one was a medium to full-bodied, burned evenly and had a nice warm draw. It represented the label quite well and was everything you would expect from the well recognized name. It is always nice when others enjoy the aroma of a quality smoke.


Monday, February 1, 2016

ACID Atom Maduro Robusto

Why have I not tried these ACID cigars before?
I have to say this is one of the best samplers that I have purchased from Thompson Cigar Co. I have enjoyed everyone that I have sampled and may be regretting that I have shared a few (not really). At least I know that I have shared a quality cigar.
If you have not tried ACID Cigars, I highly recommend the sampler tin from Thompson.

This Nicaraguan long leaf with the lightly herbal infused Maduro wrapper is great. It burns cool and has a subtle sweet taste that is left on the tongue from the infusion. Even though I am becoming more of a fan of the lighter wrappers, I will consider this dark robusto for a future purchase.

I have a number of reviews to catch up on, so you can expect regular posts for a week or so.
For now, I'm going to sit in the sun on my Ozark deck and enjoy the warm February afternoon and a good cigar.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Rocky Patel Vintage 1999

This little beauty is the definition of mild!

What a wonderful smoke from beginning to end. Cool, even burn, long ash, mild taste.
I enjoyed this late afternoon, before dinner on the beach.
Life is good!


Saturday, January 23, 2016

ACID Old Infusion

I have to admit that I have not cared for infused cigars in the past. It has always seemed that the flavor infused into the wrapper had a way of over powering the taste of the cigar. Now I would say that I had never had a properly infused cigar.

I am really enjoying the ACID sampler that I got from Thompson Cigar!

Today's Old Infusion was a very mild smoke with a pleasant, but subtle flavor from the infusion. It wasn't even strong enough to really identify the taste. It was just a hint of flavor on the tongue and then gone. So far, this one has been my favorite.

There are a few in the sampler tin that have darker wrappers and I expect to have a much bolder flavor. I am looking forward to them and will let you know about them when the time comes. But I will definitely consider these babies for a future purchase. A very good smoking experience!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

ACID Sampler

It has been a little while since posting here about my cigar sampling.
The truth is that I generally smoke a decent, everyday cigar and smoke much less often in the colder weather. I smoke when I am able to sit outside and enjoy a long smoke or when I'm up for a smoke as I walk three of four miles.

Recently I purchased a Rocky vs Romeo sampler (Rocky Patel and Romeo y Julieta) and a ACID sampler tin.

I'm getting ready for a beach vacation and want to have a few good cigars and enough to share with a friend. Knowing that I won't be smoking all of these on the beach, I've started sampling the ACID cigars. So far I've had the Blondie and the ACID 1 as well as one of the little cigarillos.

The Blondie was a nice surprise. The subtle flavor in the wrapper was a nice accent to the otherwise mild smoking cigar. It burned cool and even and held a nice ash for a small cigar.

The ACID 1 was also a very pleasant smoke, as was the little cigarillo.

I am looking forward to enjoying the rest of them and to break out the Rocky and Romeo smokes once I hit the beach!

At one point I was posting reviews on the Thompson Cigar site and they were automatically posting here on my blog. For some reason, that stopped happening and so I just post here. I wish my cigar budget allowed me to sample better cigars more often, but I am happy to just enjoy a good smoke as life allows and will share those here on a more regular basis.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Fuente's Hemingway

It's been a little while since I've posted anything here -- that's not to say that I haven't enjoyed a few cigars over the summer. I've just neglected to post about them.

I thought that maybe I'd get back to it.

The truth is, although I really do enjoy a fine cigar, for the most part I smoke cigars that are good (to me) and affordable enough to smoke on a pretty regular basis.

Recently, I was given this little gem by my new favorite cousin.

I had everything that you would expect a Fuente's cigar to have. It was a very enjoyable smoke. I'd say mild to medium and an easy burn. I was surprised at how long this little smoke lasted. It was an enjoyable treat and I sat in the November sun reading a good book.