Saturday, January 23, 2016

ACID Old Infusion

I have to admit that I have not cared for infused cigars in the past. It has always seemed that the flavor infused into the wrapper had a way of over powering the taste of the cigar. Now I would say that I had never had a properly infused cigar.

I am really enjoying the ACID sampler that I got from Thompson Cigar!

Today's Old Infusion was a very mild smoke with a pleasant, but subtle flavor from the infusion. It wasn't even strong enough to really identify the taste. It was just a hint of flavor on the tongue and then gone. So far, this one has been my favorite.

There are a few in the sampler tin that have darker wrappers and I expect to have a much bolder flavor. I am looking forward to them and will let you know about them when the time comes. But I will definitely consider these babies for a future purchase. A very good smoking experience!


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