Friday, January 16, 2015

Gurka Prestige

I received two of these gems as a part of a sampler package just before Christmas. They have mild written all over them.

That was my first impression as I took my first deep draw...very mild.

It lit easily and is burning very nicely. It builds a nice, long ash and has absolutely no bitterness.
At about an inch of ash I started to notice a very subtle coffee like taste that slowly vanished as it reached the halfway point. From there, it was more of a softly tanned leather-like taste and aroma with a little bit of clove like smell added in.

This is a very fine smoke and will go on my list of cigars for special occasions.

As a rule, I like to smoke good, inexpensive cigars. This is a very nice treat. I haven't checked the pricing on buying a bundle of them, but know that Gurkas are usually above my everyday price range. I will have to save the other one for a time when I will be able to sit and enjoy a nice, long smoke,


Tuesday, January 6, 2015


It's been a little while since I've posted here.
I haven't quit smoking cigars. For some reason, I just quit writing about them.

Actually, I was reviewing cigars on the Thompson Cigar site. Initially they were linking to this blog. When they stopped linking, I don't know if they ever fixed that or not, but I stopped reviewing. However, now I'm working on writing more often on my other blogs so I thought I'd post on some of the cigars I've had recently, as well.

This little jewel was given to me by a friend that knows I like a good cigar. It has a nice earthy taste and aroma and was a good size for a relatively quick smoke. It lit well and burned even throughout. Just a hint of spiciness at the beginning that faded into the second third of the cigar. The overall flavor remained constant throughout and it never felt hot or bitter as it approached the end.

It was a medium or medium to mild smoke with a nice light wrapper. I can't comment on the price range as it was a gift. It has an ornate band and a pigtail finish that presents very well.