Sunday, May 31, 2015

PDR-VLR Connecticut

This afternoon's smoke is another from my Thompson Cigar Churchill sampler. This Connecticut leaf wrap is a nice mild smoke.

This cigar lights easily and burns evenly. There are no real distinct flavors, just a very light earthy taste and an easy aroma.

If this is offered in a bundle deal, it would make for a nice daily cigar.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Don Rafael Sun Grown

So I've been posting pics over on Instagram of my daily smokes and thought that I ought to be writing something about them. I'd post reviews on the Thompson Cigar site, but they have stopped linking to this blog, so I'll just post them here.

I recently purchased a forty cigar sampler (two each of twenty different Churchills) and have been enjoying them a great deal. It's unfortunate that I didn't get around to reviewing them earlier as I have worked through several of them already.

I'll begin by saying that these are (for the most part) not great cigars. They are, however, very good everyday, all occasion smokes and very much worth the $1+/smoke price.

Today's selection is a Don Raphael Sun Grown Dominican.
It is a very mild, easy burning cigar. I can't say that it has any distinguishing flavor characteristics, but would certainly purchase this cigar to fill my humidor for a good daily smoke. I'm about 40 minutes into this smoke and it is still as mild as it was when I started. I often grab a cigar when I'm out for a walk and this would be nicely suited to an easy three mile stroll or to enjoy on the deck while I'm typing away on the computer (as I am now!).

A decent cigar, a shady deck, a cool drink, a nice breeze ... life is good!